Angel for a Day - Philippines III

Teaser Photo Angel for a Day – Medical Mission for more than 200 disadvantaged children on the Philippines

Project Description

The aim of the second "Angel for a Day" event on the Philippines this year was to support more than 200 disadvantaged children from Taguig. As there are many families on the Philippines who are unable to afford comprehensive and suitable basic medical care, it was decided to provide some children with a free medical check-up. The children who were chosen for this check-up came with their parents and were checked and treated by Doctors. Some of the children received dental treatment, but general basic medical check-ups were also given. Following the check-ups the children who were suffering from nutritional deficiency were given the relevant vitamin supplements. In addition, the parents who had children with acute cases were provided with basic medicines which should be available in every home medicine cabinet, but which most of these families cannot afford. The Doctors gave the parents the relevant information about the medicines, including the effects and side-effects, to ensure that they give their children the correct dosage.
Following the check-ups, the children were able to play games, sing and dance together. The volunteers on site did their best to ensure that everyone had a good time.

To everyone's delight, the meal following the fun and games included a portion of Lugaw, which is a traditional Philippines meal, and a delicious drink of juice. At the end of the day, each family was provided with a package containing rice, milk, bread and lots of small toys and supplies, for which the children and their parents were extremely grateful. These things sound so trivial, but for these families they are a huge financial help and that's what made this surprise so special.
We would like to thank all the Education Sponsors who made this event possible through their Sponsorship, as well as all the volunterrs on site.

We'd like to say an extra special thank you to:
The Rotary Club of Makati Ne World
Rotary Club of Rizal East
Rotary Club of Las Piñas South
Soroptomist Intl.
Blugre Global Franchising
JK Foundation
Debbie Bathan
Wilma Marcos

Project Goals

The aim of this event was to provide medical check-ups for 200 children and to treat them if necessary, as well as providing the families with medicines and vitamin supplements. In addition, the families received a warm meal and thanks to the provision of rice, milk, bread, small gifts and other urgently required supplies, their meagre family budgets will also last them a little longer.

Project Title

Angel for a Day – Medical Mission for more than 200 disadvantaged children on the Philippines

Project Location

Taguig City, Philippines

Project Period

19 September 2015


200 disadvantaged children who come from poor families from a barangay on the Philippines.