Angel for a Day - New York

Teaser Photo “Angel for a Day” in New York – a day full of magic

Project Description

On Saturday, 9th April 2016, three Lyoness Loyalty Merchants hosted the first “Angel for a Day” event in New York City. In cooperation with Lyoness and the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation America Inc., they organised an enchanting day on Broadway for 25 children from The Songcatchers Inc. This non-profit organisation supports multi-cultural children in need by providing an array of musical programmes.

As the bus arrived to pick up the children, they were really happy. Before boarding the bus, the children were gifted Lyoness goodie bags filled with Lyco dolls, T-shirts and more. Their first stop was
the Applebee’s restaurant, where they had lunch. On their way to the restaurant, everybody was singing – much to the delight of the people passing by on the street, who stopped to listen to the talented children’s singing. The little singers enchanted everyone with their voices and their passion for music. From all the singing, they built up an appetite and enjoyed the delicious dishes at Applebee’s.

Following lunch, the group made their way to see the Broadway musical “Aladdin” – a highlight which the children had been eagerly awaiting. Completely spellbound, the children watched the magical tale of Aladdin’s journey. As a special treat after the show, the children were given the opportunity to go behind the stage. On their way backstage, they were allowed to touch the golden lamp from the show and have some photos taken with it. Then they had the opportunity to spend an hour asking questions to the show’s conductor as well as to some musicians and performers. One child, 7-year-old Yuan, was the first to raise his hand and asked how they got the magic carpet to fly – a heart-warming insight into a child’s imagination.

A special thank you goes to the following Lyoness Loyalty Merchants, who contributed to the “Angel for a Day” event in New York City:
Jia Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs
Music for Life
Lee Gardens Supermarket

A huge thank you goes to Jia Kang for organising the “Angel for a Day” event and for helping raise awareness for the valuable work of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation.

Project Goals

The aim of the initiative was to organise a diverse and informative day on Broadway for 25 music-loving children, enabling them to have a wonderful time together outside their everyday life. As a special highlight, the children had the opportunity to visit the Broadway musical “Aladdin” and to meet some of the musicians and actors.

Project Title

“Angel for a Day” in New York City – a day full of magic

Project Location

New York City, USA

Project Period

March-April 2016


25 children from The Songcatchers, Inc., a non-profit organization which supports multi-cultural children in need by providing an array of musical programmes