Angel for a Day - Republic of Macedonia II

Teaser Photo "Angel for a Day" in the Republic of Macedonia - a very special Christmas for 80 underprivileged children

Project Description

The rehabilitation centre "Topansko Pole" in Skopje looks after 80 children and adolescents with mental and physical impairments. Many of these children not only spend the majority of the day at the institution, but actually reside there, as they could no longer be properly looked after by their families. When the Regional Office in the Republic of Macedonia heard of this institution and the work they do, they immediately decided to join forces with the Lyoness Child and Family Foundation and organise a very special Christmas party for these children and adolescents.

Planning for the party immediately commenced. The entire Lyoness and Lyconet Community of the Republic of Macedonia should be informed of the amazing project. And so, all Lyoness Members and Lyconet Marketers were invited to an auction, in which drawings, Christmas cards, and Christmas decorations made by the children themselves, were sold in order to raise money for the Christmas party. The success was incredible: The proceeds from the auction, which amounted to MKD 65,000, went to the planning of the Christmas party, including all the presents for the children. Furthermore, donations were given in the form of notebooks, craft and painting utensils, and sweets, which were also to be handed out at the Christmas party.

On the 24th of December everything was finally ready. Lyoness employees and the Managing Director of the Regional Office visited the institution and alongside Father Christmas presented the children with their presents, and thus ensured a miraculous Christmas party. It was an unbelievable experience for eveyone involved. This initiative proves once more, how much our Community can achieve when we combine forces.

We would like to thank all those who made this day possible and contributed to its success.

We would like to say a special thank you to the following Lyoness Loyalty Merchants and Members:
Kostadin Vitanov
Lazo Milov
Ilija Vasilev
Dejan Mihajlovski
Stefan Zivanov
Stefan Ivanovski
as well as the employees at the Regional Office in Macedonia.

Project Goals

The aim of this initiative was to provide the children and adolescents of the rehabilitation centre "Topansko Pole" in Skopje with a very special Christmas party, including some much needed presents such as pyjamas, socks, sweets as well as painting and craft utensils.

Project Title

"Angel for a Day" in the Republic of Macedonia - a very special Christmas for 80 underprivileged children

Project Location

Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Project Period

12.12 – 24.12.2015


80 children and adolescents with physical and mental impairments that are cared for and partly live at the rehabilitation centre "Topansko Pole" in Skopje.