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Project Description

The Day Care Center “Jelgava” (short JBSAC) is a social service institution founded in 1994, which takes care of orphans and foster children between the ages of 2 and 18. The main task of the institution is to provide the children and adolescents with an environment where they can develop and evolve and to ensure their access to education and social and medical care.

The institution, which was founded by the municipality, is making an incredibly important contribution to the region and is currently supporting 67 children and adolescents.
However, only the most urgent services for the children are covered by their budget, which means that trips for the whole group are difficult to realize and usually unaffordable. The idea to give this particular group of children and adolescents a day away from their daily routine was obvious and everything was set in motion to organize an eventful "Angel for a Day" activity.

The days program, which was planned together by the Lyoness Community Latvia and the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association, was impressive and made the children and adolescents very happy.
The day started at the day care centre. After a brief time of getting to know each other the journey was leading the group to the Riga International Airport, where the children got to go on a special guided tour. This was a great experience for the children, most of which had never seen an airplane in real life before.

After lunch, which was provided by the Lyoness loyalty partner "Pizza Bar", the group was heading to the Riga Zoo. The joy of the children and adolescents was huge and the entire afternoon was considered a wonderful time for everyone. To conclude this wonderful day Lyoness School Starter Kits were distributed to the children and the surprise was perfect.

Finally the children and adolescence were invited to a delicious dinner provided by the Lyoness loyalty partner "SemaraH Hotel Metropole" and everyone had time to look back on an amazing day and experience for everyone.

We would like to thank all members, employees and loyalty partners of the Lyoness Community in Latvia that helped us make this day possible:

Lyoness loyalty partner
>>Pizza Bar
>>SemaraH Hotel Metropole

Lyoness Members
Inese Pluše, Miroslav Lendel, Lilita Vidnere, Kristaps Vidners, Linda Pirktiņa, Vadims Antonovs, Viola Kohova, Daiga Mūrniece, Gints Ūdris, Jānis Laizāns, Ilgvars Skrīvers, Sigita Zvejniece, Ingūna Bēnīte, Irēna Paturska, Leonīds Paturskis, Zaiga Ekarte, Georgs Ekarts, Inga Kamniska, Eduards Sevčs, Krisīne Akšincica, Jānis Puntaks, Aleksandrs Romanovs.

Lyoness employees
Agnese Anstrāte – Angel for a Day Koordinatorin
Ivars Lamberts – MD Lyoness Lettland

Educational Sponsors Latvia

Project Goals

The goal of this activity was to organize am unforgettable day for 23 children and adolescents that visit the Day Care Center “Jelgava“ and to give them the opportunity to forget their everyday problems at least for one day.

Project Title

Angel for a Day - Latvia

Project Location

A cooperative project of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association and Lyoness Latvia.

Project Period

September 15th, 2014


23 children and adolescence that visit the Day Care Centre “Jelgava“. Most of them are orphans or foster children between the ages of 2 and 18.