Angel for a Day – Latvia IV

Teaser Photo A day full of surprises for 20 disadvantaged children from Latvia

Project Description

The fourth "Angel for a Day" campaign has taken place in Latvia. An extensive programme was devised and its implementation was only successful thanks to numerous helpers and sponsors from our Community. The aim of this campaign was to organise a diverse excursion for 20 disadvantaged children, who are looked after at the Advisory Day Centre "Tornakalns". This excursion should enable the beneficiaries to forget their daily lives for a short period of time and experience something unforgettable, which would not otherwise have been possible due to financial reasons.

The first item on the programme was a workshop at the Loyalty Merchant "Call Me Sister", where the children learnt how to create flowers and toys out of polymer clay. Everyone actively participated and produced impressive works of art. The company owners, Liene and Antra, also handed out presents to the children which brought a big smile to their faces. A surprise guest, the magician "Mārcis", made an appearance and awed the children with his show. The magician had to continuously repeat his tricks as the children were determined to figure out how he did it, but his magic remained a mystery. Each child then received a gift package which included sweets and small toys from our Loyalty Merchant "Maxima". The journey then continued to the Loyalty Merchant "Al Kebab" where the children regained their strength thanks to a delicious meal.

The afternoon was then spent at the riding stable "Armanda lauku jātnieku klubs“. It began with a horse show, after which the children had the opportunity to take a ride on a guided horse. After this incredible experience, many did not want to come back down from the horse, but luckily the next surprise was just around the corner. The employees of the Loyalty Merchant "" had prepared numerous games and obstacle courses and the children charged enthusiastically into the thick of things. After which, further presents were handed out. Every child received an old Latvian symbol made out of wood from the Loyalty Merchant "Mārtiņa koku fabrika" as well as a really comfy hat from the Loyalty Merchant "Madam Hut". Each child also got a School Starter Kit filled with all the supplies needed for a successful school year.

The tired but very content children as well as the numerous helpers all agreed: They would treasure this day for a long time to come. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who supported this "Angel for a Day" campaign in any way or form.

We would like to say a special thank you to:
Al Kebab
Call Me Sister
Armanda lauku jātnieku klubs
Madam Hut
Mārtiņa koku fabrika
Zaiga Ekarte
Georgs Ekarts
Jānis Vanags
Egons Ozoliņš
Ilmārs Putnis
Arnis Līdacis
Artūrs Ramans
Ivo Dimitrijevs
Dmitrijs Kalasniks
Uģis Arents
Stanislavs Pihockis
Rita Mestere
Gunnar Kure
Donatas Jonaitis
Mariss Zommers
Georgina Martone
Larisa Volpere
Edvards Laizāns
Mārcis Bumbiers
Kārlis Gailītis
Edgars Polis
Elīna Tropa
Santa Logina

Project Goals

The aim of this project was to organise an unforgettable day for 20 disadvantaged children. This day included numerous activities, which would allow the children to forget their everyday lives for a little while and to enjoy experiences, which would otherwise never have been possible due to financial reasons. Furthermore, the children received presents and were also equipped with school materials.

Project Title

A day full of surprises for 20 disadvantaged children from Latvia

Project Location

Riga, Latvia

Project Period



The beneficiaries were 20 disadvantaged children who are cared for at the Advisory Day Centre "Tornakalns". This organisation looks after children and youths with dissocial tendencies, children with special needs and children who are at the risk of poverty.