Angel for a Day - Latvia II

Teaser Photo Angel for a Day - Latvia II

Bringing Joy to Children From Large Families.

Project Description

Latvia is a country which has massive social differences across its population. These differences are particularly extreme if you compare people living in the capital city Riga with those who live in the countryside. Outside of the capital, the financial situation of large families with just one source of income is particularly dramatic. The "Dekla" Association in Liepaja is dedicated to supporting these families and has been aiding countless families in overcoming day-to-day problems since 1989.

When the idea of providing these families and children with an Angel for a Day initiative was first discussed, many people in Latvia's Lyoness Community came on board straight away. A donation appeal for books and toys was launched. It was also decided that an unforgettable day should be organised for the children and young people which they would remember for years to come.

The day began at the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant "Cili Pica", a chain of restaurants which provided a considerable discount and prepared a breakfast for the children. After the successful start to the morning, a bus took the children to the "Jura Salli" leisure park. The children and young people had the chance to experience the entire range of sporting activities offered there, highlights being riding ponies, carriage rides and the climbing gardens, as well as just running around! A cowboy soup was served for lunch which had been prepared over an open fire and in the afternoon, the many books, toys and School Starter Kits which had been donated were handed out.

The experience meant a great deal to the children and the Association's Director was very emotional when he passed on the feedback from children and families to Lyoness Latvia shortly after the initiative. He said that some of the children were unbelievably happy to have been able to experience such a great day and that many of the children continued to play with the school bags days after the initiative. Some even took their new School Starter Kit with them to bed.

A huge thank you goes out to all those who made this day possible and the greatest respect to those who were willing to go to the effort of providing these children with an unforgettable experience.

We'd like to say a special thank you to the Lyoness Loyalty Merchants and Members:
Cili Pica
Gints Ūdris
Georgs Ekarts
Zaiga Ekarte
Māris Firguts
Ivo Reins
Elfa Melvere
Sigita Zvejniece
Iveta Pinkule
Aleksandrs Žuravlovs Nina Kozure
Viola Kohova
Miroslav Lendel Ilgvars Skrīvers Daiga Mūrniece
Rita Mestere
Andis Bokmanis Danuta Laizāne
Jānis Laizāns Aleksandrs Kohovs Tamāra Karlberga Z/S "Līvas"
Linda Pirktina Sanita Lūciņa
Vadims Antonovs Agita Legzdiņa
Arvis Blumbergs
Zina Viskanta Iveta Pirktiņa
Roberts Pirktiņš Irina Antonova Iluta Futraka
Arnis Pirktiņš
Eduards Sevčs
Kristīne Akšincica Jānis Puntaks Anna Korenecka Angelika Čerņevska
Uldis Čerņevskis
Ilona Goļikova
Ilona Goļikova
Jeļena Frolova
Gints Ūdris
Elfa Melvere
Daiga Mūrniece
Sigita Zvejniece
Zaiga Ekarte
Georgs Ekarts
Rūta Melvere
Liudmila Stekolnikova
Aleksejs Ustinovs
Rita Mestere
Jānis Mesters
Arvis Blumbergs
Maija Vārna
Agita Legzdiņa
Jūlija Davidova
Linda Pirktina

Project Goals

The goal of the initiative was to organise an unforgettable day for the children and young people who are looked after by "Dekla", away from their daily lives, and provide them with small gifts in the form of school bags, school supplies, books and toys.

Project Title

Angel for a Day - Latvia II Bringing Joy to Children From Large Families.

Project Location

Liepaja, Latvia

Project Period



25 children who are supported by the "Dekla" Association and its Carers. Children who come from large families with a low income level.