Angel for a Day - Lithuania

Teaser Photo Lyoness Angel for a Day Lithuania – Lyoness Child & Family

A project cooperation between Lyoness Lithuania and the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association

Project Description

In collaboration with Lyoness Lithuania, Lyoness Loyalty Partners and Members as well as the Day Care Center “Duok ranka” the first day under the motto "Angel for a Day" took place in Lithuania. With active support from all the project partners, 13 children between 6 and 17 years of age had the opportunity to spend a day at a dental clinic and enjoy a trip to the zoo.

The children travelled from Vilnius to Kaunas with their care takers from the day care centre and were welcomed by Rolanda Markevičiūtė at her dental clinic.
There, the children got information about dental hygiene and were provided with high quality tooth brushes and toothpaste from the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant “Nevelmė”. Afterwards the kids were divided into two groups. The first group stayed at the dental clinic and got a free dental check-up. The kids that waited their turn were allowed to observe and assist the dentists. In the meantime the second group spent the morning in the Kaunas Zoo with the Lyoness Members Danguolė Mickevičienė and Raimundas Mickevičius.
After a generous lunch sponsored by the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant “Retro Avenue Café” the two groups switched. Additionally, the children learned several special memory exercises from the Lyoness Member Professor Algirdas Karalius.

In the evening some of the children, who badly needed a more intensive dental care, received free treatment at the dental clinic. The children visibly enjoyed the day. On the train ride home they talked about nothing else than the experiences they made.

Project Goals

Additionally to observing the daily routine at the dental clinic the importance of dental hygiene was conveyed playfully to the children. Also, the dental clinic was able to provide some of the children with badly needed dental treatment.
By dividing the children into two smaller groups, the dentists at the clinic were able to pay attention to the children more intensely.

Furthermore, by visiting the zoo it became a special trip for the children and they were able to learn a lot about all kinds of animals.

Project Title

Lyoness Angel for a Day Lithuania – Lyoness Child & Family

Project Location

Vilnius and Kaunas in Lithuania

Project Period

August 5th 2013


13 children from the day care center “Duok ranka” aged between 6 and 17

Project Partner

Lyoness Child & Family Foundation
UAB “Lyoness Lietuva”
“Save the Children” Litauen
Kindertagesstätte “Duok ranka”
„R. Markevičiūtės Zahnklinik“ (Lyoness Loyalty Partner)
„Nevelmė“ (Lyoness Loyalty Partner)
„Retro Avenue“ (Lyoness Loyalty Partner)

Kindly supported by:
Danguolė Mickevičienė (Lyoness Mitglied)
Raimundas Mickevičius (Lyoness Mitglied)
Prof. Algirdas Karalius (Lyoness Mitglied