Angel for a Day - Lithuania III

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A project cooperation between the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association and Lyoness Lithuania.

Project Description

Lithuania's third "Angel for a Day" initiative took place on 20th July 2014; this time the charity campaign benefited 25 children from underprivileged families. The children come from socially disadvantaged families that have less than 100 Euro (350 Lt) per month, per person to live on. The "Angel for a Day" initiative made it possible for them to enjoy a wonderful day away from the bleak daily routine to which they are accustomed. These low income families were especially grateful for the campaign since they can seldom afford activities such as theatre, concert, and museum visits, despite the support they receive from the Department of Children's Rights Protection. It was particularly good that it took place during the Summer holidays when the children spend the majority of their time at home indoors.

When the bus picked the children and adolescents up in the morning there was already excitement in the air. This became palpable as the entire group arrived at the amusement and recreation park in Radviliskis. The excursion began with a concert and was followed by a visit to the amusement park, where the children participated in an authentic Indian training activity hosted by children's entertainers. During the activity the children had their faces painted, took part in various challenges, and even received a certificate at the end as a reminder of their courage and to symbolise their belonging to the Indian tribe. Afterwards a drawing competition was held during which the children used chalk to create beautiful, unique artworks on the asphalt.

At the conclusion of this adventure-filled day each child received a school bag filled with school materials from the CFF, as well as books and balls donated by a Lyoness Member. After a group meal there were many smiling faces and everyone was happy and pleased about the day's success. The Lyoness Loyalty Merchants and Members also enjoyed the day and were happy to have been able to participate in the initiative and make the day's activities possible. But the loveliest part was the feedback from the children, for example from 8 year old Guoda. She said it was a dream come true to actually get to take home the books given to her - now she finally has something new to read! She could hardly believe it and said thank you with a big hug. It is precisely these situations that make the charity days something special and give all the participants the strength to be an "Angel for a Day" again.

We'd like to thank the Loyalty Merchants and our sponsors:

A special thank you to the Lyoness Member Asta Šapkuvienė (Lyoness Loyalty Merchant "3 Steps") for their active participation and cooperation. A special thank you to the social workers, Lina Pužaitienė and Ona Rimšienė. Many thanks to the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant and bookstore "Vaga", the Lyoness Member Tomas Motiejūnas (UAB "EGV kompanija"), the Lyoness Members Vida Mikėnienė and Kazimieras Mikėnas (UAB "VMV Group"), Lyoness Members Mindaugas Kojelis, Alma Samulaitienė, Vilma Koncevičiūtė, Aurimas Krutkis, Vaclovas Rekašius, Dovilė Jurevičiūtė,  Vladas Milkonas (UAB "Emtra"), Romualdas Juzukonis (MB "Pramogų karaliai"), Loreta Petkevičienė ("Savas kampas") the employees of the Radviliškis Cultural Center and our many Educational Sponsors.

Project Goals

The aim of this "Angel for a Day" excursion was to enable 25 children from the poorest families in Radviliškis to enjoy a fun day, allowing them to forget the difficulties of day-to-day life and take part in experiences they are often deprived of due to their financial situation. In addition the children were provided with essential school materials and educational books.

Project Title

Angel for a Day - Lithuania III

Project Location

Radviliškis, Lithuania

Project Period

20th July 2014


25 children from the poorest families in Radviliškis supported by the Department of Children’s Rights Protection in Radviliškis.

Project Partner

Department of Children’s Rights Protection in Radviliškis
Lyoness Lithuania