Angel for a Day - Italy II

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A project cooperation between the Lyoness Child & Family Europe Association and Lyoness Italy.

Project Description

The Children's Village is a facility, which accommodates over 30 children and several single mothers, and it provides them with a home. This institution aims to provide the best possible care for children and mothers, with a family-like structure. Those who know the organisation also know that all the employees pull together in an effort to achieve this target.

However, in spite of the employees' great dedication, it is almost impossible for them to organise and finance an excursion. After the "Angel for a Day" activity that was arranged with the Children's Village in 2013, everyone was curious to know what was on the programme this year.

It was a real surprise, as the bus collected the children and carers and took them all to the "Centro Ippico Ambassador" stables. There, they were welcomed on arrival and learned about various breeds of horses, how they are kept and equestrian sports, as well as being allowed to stroke the horses. Then, the children's desire to ride a horse was fulfilled. The time just flew by, with a little time squeezed in for lunch together and a few treats from "Pabos Pizza", and drinks from "Drinkservice Turrina" and "Cantine Franzosi".

At the end of the day everyone was happy and very impressed by their new experience. One 10 year old girl from the group called Martina said that she would like to take Piper, one of the horses, home with her.

The whole day was a wonderful experience for everyone involved, and we thank the Lyoness Members and Lyoness Loyalty Merchants for their amazing support. We would also like to thank all Members who financially support the Children's Village as well as the "Angel for a Day" activity, because only those who help continuously, help long term.

We would like to thank the following Loyalty Merchants:

>>Pabos Pizza - Ome e Roncadelle
>>Centro Ippico Ambassador – Provaglio d’Iseo
>>Cantine Franzosi - Puegnago
>>Soluzioni Informatiche Lumezzane
>>Drinkservice Turrina – Lumezzane

Project Goals

The aim of the "Angel for a Day" activity for the Children's Village, was to enable a peaceful day with horses, to teach the children about various breeds of horses, equestrian sports and how to look after horses, and to organise a day out for the children away from their every day routine.

Project Title

Angel for a Day - Italy II

Project Location

Varese, Italy

Project Period

May 1st, 2014


16 children and adolescents from a Children's Village.