Angel for a Day - Hungary IV

Teaser Photo Angel for a Day - Hungary IV

Guardian angels from Hungary support disadvantaged children from a whole region.

Project Description

In Hungary the "Angel for a Day" project has developed it's own dynamic. Particularly noteworthy are the Lyoness Members from the Nyíregyháza region who have been supporting various children's homes for quite some time. Initial contact was made with the organisations regarding an "Angel for a Day" initiative and the "Help without borders" project. As the Members realised how important the support from these initiatives is, they decided they would provide a wide variety of homes with the goods they need on an ongoing basis, such as the "Magdaléneum" home for people with disabilities, the "Gyermek Jézus Otthon" children's home and a small children's home in Brzotin (SK). This led them to building a slide and a swing together and making donations such as toys, clothes, food, sanitary products and Lyoness School Starter Kits. The support was a huge help for the establishments but the time spent together and the excursions with the "Angels" meant even more.
It's lovely to be able to see compassion and support develop and grow and we are proud of the Hungarian Lyoness Community.

In addition to the ongoing activities, they also supported a very special project at Christmas. On 20th Dezember a Christmas celebration was held in Stadt Prajd (RO), to which more than 2,500 disadvantaged children from children's homes and other social facilities from the region were invited. The event was organised by the St. Francis Foundation with the aim of providing a wonderful Christmas celebration and to give a gift to every child from the social establishments. Together with the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association, they made every effort to ensure that the event was even more exciting for the children by organising a drawing competition.
The children were asked to draw angels and the 20 best entries were awarded Lyoness School Starter Kits. In addition, all the children received lots of gifts which were provided by Lyoness Members. 2 PCs were also provided for one of the facilities.
We would like to thank all of the Members for their ongoing support and the numerous gifts they donated as well as for organising the drawing competition, and we are looking forward to more wonderful initiatives from Hungary.

Project Goals

The aim of this project was to provide urgently needed goods for special care homes and children's homes on an ongoing basis, and to make the Christmas celebration in Prajd for 2,500 disadvantaged children even more exciting by organising a drawing competition and lots of gifts.

Project Title

Angel for a Day - Hungary IV

Project Location

Nyíregyháza ,Hungary Prajd and Székelyhíd, Romania

Project Period

November - December 2014


Around 200 children from different children's and special care homes ("Magdaléneum" home for people with disabilities, "Gyermek Jézus Otthon" Children's home and a small children's home in Brzotin, SK)