Angel for a Day - Hungary II

Teaser Photo Angel for a Day - Hungary II

A Cooperative Project of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association and Lyoness Hungary.

Project Description

The second "Angel for a Day" activity took place in Hungary at the end of April and this time we visited the "Gyermek Jézus Otthon" Children's Home in Székelyhíd, where 21 children, adolescents and their carers live together.

It was a very special experience for the Children's Home, because not only were the children and adolescents presented with lots of gifts such as school bags, a printer, toys, sketching pads, pencils, clothes, shoes and vouchers for the thermal baths, but they also planted 150 rose bushes in a joint effort to improve the school grounds.

The day was arranged with the help of the Lyoness Members of the Komitat Szabolcs, with lots of people helping with the organisation. Particularly when it came to planting the rose bushes, everyone joined in and got busy helping to make the gardens look beautiful.

Once the work was completed, there was still plenty of time to eat together. The next big surprise was a huge cake, which the children, their careers and helpers ate with enjoyment. The day was not only focused on working and eating together. In the afternoon there was still enough time for the children to play games and have lots of fun.

Everyone was highly motivated as they realised how much can be achieved for the children and the facilities in just one day by working together, and they all want to continue supporting the Children's Home in the future.

We would like to thank the following Loyalty Merchants, Members and everyone who helped on the day:
>>Vevőcentrum Ltd.
>>Dragon Wellnes Spa
>>Csekő Cafe
>>Mobil Cafe
>>Helios Pharmacy

Project Goals

The main goal of the project was to renovate the garden of the orphanage and to create a lively environment by planting more than 150 rose bushes. Furthermore the intention of this initiative was to work together with partners, members and the kids from to orphanage to create this nice environment. But not only the planting of the roses, also donated presents and a wonderful time created an amazing atmosphere.

Project Title

Angel for a Day - Hungary II

Project Location

Székelyhíd, Hungary

Project Period



21 children and their caregivers from the orphanage "Gyermek Jézus Otthon".

Project Partner

"Gyermek Jézus Otthon"
Lyoness Hungary