Angel for a Day - Greece

Teaser Photo Lyoness Angel for a Day Greece – Lyoness Child & Family Europe

A project cooperation between Lyoness Greece and the Lyoness Child & Family Europe Association.

Project Description

At the orphanage “Melissa” in Thessaloniki girls who, for different reasons, cannot stay with their families find a save shelter. The orphanage has limited financial resources and barely manages to cover its running costs so there is no money for trips or excursions.
Lyoness Greece, the Lyoness Child & Family Europe Association and several Lyoness Members worked together to organize a special day for the orphanage, themed “Angel for a Day”.

Together with the 25 girls from the orphanage they took a trip to Oraiokastro to visit a dinosaur park, the interactive museum for toys and an antique farmstead.
After this exciting day they were invited to have dinner together at the Lyco Lounge. Following the meal, the children and the caregivers from the orphanage also received donations of groceries, school materials, toys and household appliances.

Project Goals

The goal was to give the girls a time-out from their daily routine by taking a trip and having a meal together. Since taking trips is usually impossible for them this was something very special for the children and they were obviously excited and had a lot of fun.

By providing donations of groceries, toys, school material etc. the goal was to ease the financial burden on the orphanage for the next couple of months and also to treat the children to some additional gifts.

Project Title

Lyoness Angel for a Day Greece – Lyoness Child & Family Foundation

Project Location

Thessaloniki, Greece

Project Period

November 23rd, 2013


25 children from the orphanage for girls “Melissa”, Thessaloniki

Project Partner

Lyoness Greece
Orphanage for girls “Melissa” in Thessaloniki