Angel for a Day- France II

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Experiencing Integration

Project Description

The organisations ASTI (Fédération des Associations de Solidarité avec Tou-te-s les Immigré-e-s) and CLAS (Contrat Local d’Accompagnement à la Scolarité) are devoted to promoting the integration of children and families with immigrant backgrounds.

Their aim is to support the children and their parents in overcoming their daily problems, in integrating themselves as well as possible and in leading an independent life. This support entails providing private tutoring for the children, language courses for the children and their parents as well as diverse forms of assistance for families (bureaucratic procedures, problems linked to renting accommodation, etc.).

When the Lyoness Members Claudine Belot and Josiane Lecorps got in touch with the organisations and saw the dedicated work of the staff first hand, they decided to organise a very special day for the children - a day packed full of activities aimed to boost the children's self-confidence and give them a great deal of pleasure.

Together with the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association and the two organisations, a farewell party was organised for the children who received private tutoring and participated in the language courses. The focal point of the party was the staging of an interactive musical which the children could participate in. Integrating the children in the production was designed to increase their self-confidence and sense of community. Following on from this incredible event, the children were given a reward for having successfully completing the school year. A communal meal was organised and School Starter Kits and urgently needed items of clothing were distributed. What's more, every child received a copy of the book "The Little Prince" which will form a part of their language course next year.

What some might deem to be a small gift, brought the children a great deal of joy. They wasted no time in trying on the items of clothing and putting the school supplies to good use. One girl even told us that she wanted to take the school bag with her on a family holiday to Algeria so that she could show it to everyone there.

Feedback such as this really does make us happy and shows us that these initiatives really can help achieve something great for the families and children, even in a small way. We would like to say a huge thank you to all supporters and Sponsors for their tireless dedication to doing good.

We would particularly like to thank the Lyoness Loyalty Merchants, Members and the numerous Educational Sponsors:
Claudine Belot
Josiane Lecorps
LG Alu
ALEX Paysage
Antoine Lemaître
Pro&Cie – Cailly
Claude Herissé – Horticulteur

Project Goals

The aim of this initiative was to provide the children and youths cared for by the organisations ASTI and CLAS, with an unforgettable day to end the school year in order to boost their self-confidence and their sense of community. A communal meal was also organised and each of the participants received urgently needed clothing as well as a school book and other school equipment.

Project Title

Angel for a Day in France II

Project Location

Flers, France

Project Period

17th June 2015


43 children and youths with immigrant backgrounds who are cared for by the associations ASTI and CLAS.

Project Partner

ASTI (Fédération des Associations de Solidarité avec Tou-te-s les Immigré-e-s )
CLAS (Contrat Local d’Accompagnement à la Scolarité)