Angel for a Day - Estonia

Teaser Photo Angel for a Day in Estonia - A Happy Reunion

Project Description

Over the last year the CFF has been supporting the Tartu Children's Center with the renovation of the accommodation and computer room, as well as updating the kitchen of the social institution. Once again this year, there were lots of requests to bring some pleasure to these children, so on Thursday 06 August 2015, an "Angel for a Day" initiative was carried out.
Thanks to the support of one of our Loyalty Merchants, the day started with a trip to the zoo, where the children learned all about the animals and their natural habitats.

In the afternoon they went to the "Vudila" Amusement Park which also has a swimming pool complex. Following a good lunch the children were able to go on quad bikes, jump on trampolines and climb and swim to their hearts content. It was a perfect Summer's day and the children had great fun with all the various activities, but with temperatures of almost 30°C, swimming was the hot-favourite and also enabled them to cool down.
"That was the coolest day of my life!" exclaimed one of the children happily, whilst another expressed how happy he was to have been able to go on a quad bike.

This joint event gave the volunteers (Angels) an opportunity to get to know the children better and to learn more about their dreams and professional aspirations for the future. At the end of the day, the exhausted but happy children were provided with a snack, and the Shelter was then given some urgently-needed household goods for the kitchen.

A special thank you goes out to the following Lyoness Loyalty Merchants:

Vudila Mängumaa

We would also like to say a huge thank you to the employees and Lyoness Members in Estonia - in particular Riin Reitmann - who organised this special day.

Kalev Jalasto
Kristel Nämi
Merike Reino
Ott Neeme
Anžela Lember
Kajar Lember
Allar Mehik (photographer)

Project Goals

The goal of the initiative was to organise an unforgettable day for the children and young people who are cared for by "Tartu Children's Center", away from their daily lives, and to make it possible for them to take part in activities that they otherwise would not be able to do due to their familial or financial situation. In addition, we also wanted to provide desperately needed household goods for the Shelter to make it easier for them to care for the children on a daily basis.

Project Title

Angel for a Day - Estonia

Project Location

Tartu, Estonia

Project Period

6th August 2015


24 children and adolescents who are temporarily housed at the Tartu Children's Center (Shelter for abused children and children from difficult family backgrounds), or receive afternoon care at the Shelter.