Angel for a Day - Germany

Teaser Photo Lyoness Angel for a Day Germany - Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association

A project cooperation between the Association Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and the initiative “Engel für einen Tag”

Project Description

In cooperation with the initiative “Angel for a Day”, Lyoness Loyalty Merchants and Lyoness Members a great trip could be organised to the “Deutsches Museum” in Munich. 50 children from three different children’s home joined this special trip to Munich. Some children were also invited to the bakery “Rischart”, a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant, in order to learn about work at a bakery. After these visits the whole team had lunch together.

A special thanks to Michael Kargl, Katja Schmid and Regine Nickel!

Project Goals

The aim of the activities was to make the 50 children have a great and informative day.
The visit to the “Deutsches Museum” Munich was also a good way to provide the children with technical and historical background knowledge of science and nature. They can surely benefit from an experience like this.
The tour of the bakery was also a good way of making them have a look at the work done there.
Afterwards, the children and their caretakers had lunch and exchanged ideas and talked. All in all, the day brought some fun and variety to the children’s everyday life. The extraordinary activity was also a good way to strengthen the children’s self-esteem.

Project Title

Lyoness Angel for a Day Germany - Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association

Project Location

Munich, Germany

Project Period

October 12th, 2013


50 children from the “Marienheim Baschenegg”, the children's home "St. Clara" in Gundelfingen and the “Caritas Kinderdorf” in Irschenberg

Project Partner

Initiative "Engel für einen Tag"