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Project Description

In cooperation with Sonne International the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation supported a charity project in Ethiopia. According to the reports of international organisations, the famine in Ethiopia was largely under control since October 2008, but the after-effects were still badly felt. With their herds decimated, many families were still desperately struggling and unable to earn the money they would need for a genuine recovery. Because of the cooperation with Sonne International and the local organisation APDA it was possible to save the livelihood of about 150 families through the purchase of goats.

Project Goals

150 Afar families were supported through the restocking of livestock (goats) as a basis so that their basic needs could be met.

Project Title

Preventing starvation through replenishing livestock in Ethiopia

Project Location

The Afar region (in the Northeast of Ethiopia at the border to Eritrea and Djibouti) zones 1-4, Ethiopia (Africa)

Project Period

December 2008 – April 2009


Approximately 150 Afar families from the Northeast of Ethiopia where a severe drought killed many animals on whom the Afar depend for their livelihood.

Project Partner

Sonne International Association
The registered offices of Sonne International in Vienna and Graz run projects in Ethiopia and Bangladesh. In Ethiopia the association has implemented various projects providing schools and water, as well as health projects and projects for women since 2005. The projects in Bangladesh were initiated in 2001 and have also focused on health and education.


The project started in December 2008. Ten goats (nine female, one male) were distributed each to 150 families, who were most affected by the drought. The selection of the families was made in consultation with the local clans.
These animals were the basis for renewing the herd. The 1.500 goats were purchased at local herders from outside the drought zone and transported by truck to the project area.