3 Angel in 3 Days in Brasil, Brazil II

Teaser Photo The CFF was particularly active in October in Brazil. In collaboration with three NGOs, the CFF organised three "Angel for a Day" events between 7 and 17 October 2017.

Project Description

Over 200 disadvantaged children up to the age of twelve in São José, São Paulo and Blumenau, had cause to smile as they received face paintings as well as numerous other gifts, shared a meal and enjoyed playtime. One surprise followed the next on this very special day. A magical highlight of these three "Angel for a Day" campaigns was the spectacular visit of a clown, who crafted animals out of balloons for the children. The youngest were particularly enthralled as could be seen by the smiles on their faces.

Project Goals

In collaboration with three NGOs, the CFF organized three "Angel for a Day" events between 7th and 17th of October in 2017. Goals of these Angel for a Day events was to create a day full of joy and fun fot the kids, who are otherwise facing several challenges in life.

Project Title


Project Location

Blumenau, Sao Paulo, Sao Jose - Brazil

Project Period

July 2017-October 2017


Each about 40 unprivileged children – how are attend from various NGO´s

Project Partner

SAF - Associação de Apoio a Família, Copphus Project - Comission for the Human and Social Development, Education Center Happy Little Friend