RAAM 2015

Ambassador for the Child & Family Foundation


Christoph Strasser is striving for a hat-trick at the Race Across America 2015, the toughest cycling race in the world

Aged just 32, Christoph Strasser from Leoben in Austria is already one of the best extreme sportsmen in the world. During the five times in which he has participated in the Race Across America, the most legendary ultra-cycling event in the world, he has already set several new world records: in 2011 he was the youngest winner of all time and in 2013, he pulverised the previous track record with his second win, by completing the race in less than the seemingly unbeatable eight day time frame. In 2014, he stepped it up once again: with a time of 7 days, 15 hours and 56 minutes, he improved on his own personal record from the previous year and once again remained under the legendary eight-day timeframe. Moreover, he also drew with his fellow Styrian extreme cyclist Wolfgang Fasching who has also won the Race Across America three times. Fasching paid him respect: "Christoph has entered into a new dimension and I take my hat off to him and all his achievements!"

In 2015, Christoph has yet another goal in his sights. He wants to become the first athlete to win the race three times consecutively and thereby achieve what was previously deemed to be impossible. This year, Christoph will not just be wearing his Child & Family Foundation jersey as he embarks once again on the toughest race in the world; he would also like to auction the last two bikes on which he won the race and also the bike with which he set the 24-hour world record in Berlin under the motto "Racing for Charity". He will donate the proceeds to the Child & Family's international educational projects.

We will keep our fingers crossed for him during the ride from hell across America and thank him for all his tireless efforts for the Child & Family Foundation.

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