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Jolly brings colour to the lives of children in need!

Basic school equipment for children in less privileged countries is not a given. This is exactly why the popular Austrian pencil crayon manufacturer Jolly is making a major donation for the start of school for the children attending the schools assisted by the CFF in Nigeria, South Africa, Honduras and in the Philippines. This traditional family run company is donating two pallets of pencil crayons; a total of 140,000 pencil crayons, which have been manufactured in the Jolly factory in Graz. “It’s thanks to the particular commitment of Réné Gallé, the Manager of Spielbox in Graz, who is a Lyoness Premium Member, which has enabled this cooperation” says the CFF Director, Nina Passegger. “All the children in Austria know the Jolly pencil crayons. We’re very grateful to be able to give these high quality pencil crayons to the children of our international school projects, thereby bringing a bit of colour, happiness and creativity to their school day”. For several generations of school children JOLLY, the prominent children’s school brand from Austria, has been the embodiment of painting, drawing and writing products. The wide array of school products ranges from coloured pencils to wax crayons and pencil sharpeners – and all with the unbeatable “MADE IN AUSTRIA” quality.

Top Quality From Austria

The brand originates from the Austrian traditional company Brevillier Urban & Sachs, which has its headquarters in Hirm. As well as the JOLLY brand, the company also owns the SAX (office products) and Cretacolor (Artists products) brands, amongst others. The company puts particularly high value on its products during their manufacture. Efficient controls, a careful selection of raw materials and decades of experience give its “big” and “small” customers the security of knowing they have made the right choice. The JOLLY products have been manufactured in both of the JOLLY factories in Austria, which are situated in Hirm (Burgenland) and in Graz (Steiermark).

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Take a look at the jolly crayons in use in our school in Honduras:

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