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The project in Brazil is moving onto to the next phase!

As the tailoring workshops in Parajuru are now fully established and operating well, we can move on to the next phase of the project. Working together with the local Primary School was also a success.

The next step for the tailoring business is to set the legislation guidelines. The aim is for the project to finance itself: costs, wages, purchasing materials, etc. should all be covered by the shop’s income. This means that selling, accounting and human resource management have to be carried out accordingly. Our project partners are working very hard to make this happen. The Workshop participants are also very talented and motivated, and the quality of the products should also be improving.

The joint project with the local Primary School was also very popular. The children were given the duty of collecting the labels from plastic bottles to start off with. Once the children had collected enough labels, they spent a day at the tailors. They could see the daily routine there, and the Workshop participants showed the children how small bags and purses can be made out of the labels that they had collected, and how you can recycle rubbish in this way. The pupils watched intently and enjoyed taking part in the joint project. A drawing competition was held at the end of it. All of the children received coloured pencils from Jolly, and they could hand in their drawings at the tailors any time during the week. Small bags and shoulder-bags made in the shop were given as prizes for the three nicest drawings.