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Support for a Children's Home in Serbia

In cooperation with the Children & Family Foundation, Lyoness Serbia has updated the office equipment and the playground at a Children's Home in Belgrade.

When the budget is tight, some things that most people take for granted become luxuries - and that's how it was at "Centar za zaštitu odojčadi dece i omladine“ (Centre for the protection of children and adolescents) in Belgrade. The Children's Home cares for children between the ages of 7 - 15 years old: orphans, foster children or children who can no longer live with their parents, as well as several physically disabled children. The Home is partially funded by the state. As the budget usually only stretches enough to cover basics, it is often necessary to find Partners who are willing to provide additional support for the children. In reality, there is a lack of funds for many things - including the acquisition of items that are necessary for a normal childhood. The aim of this project was to make a small contribution to this. The project was organised by the Child & Family Foundation, with the support of Lyoness Serbia.

A playground is very important for a child, as slides, see-saws and swings don't just bring joy to their lives; they also encourage the children to do exercise. That's why we are even happier that the children of the „Centar za zaštitu odojčadi dece i omladine“ now have 5 crocodile see-saw swings, a normal swing and a slide to play on, as well as 5 outdoor tables in the shade, where they can draw, play or eat whenever they want. These tables enable even the children with disabilities to spend more time outside in the fresh air and the sunshine - exactly what the Children's Home wanted.

Playgrounds also have many more benefits, however: See-saws encourage children to play together, as well as encouraging empathy, responsiveness and speed. Swings, on the other hand, are calming, as the swinging movement is very similar to the feeling of being in the womb, and gives a feeling of safety. So it's no wonder that the swing and crocodile see-saw swings were so popular as soon as they were set up. The children loved them and were on them constantly!

To make the work of the Team who work there easier, the infrastructure was also improved. To make this possible, Lyoness Serbia donated a desk, a whiteboard and 26 chairs from their own office. The chairs will help to make it more comfortable for the parents when they come to visit the children. In addition, the new hoover is one of the most helpful items for cleaning the Home.

The organisation of the transport, handing over of the equipment and setting up the playground was done by a Team from Lyoness Serbia, led by Nada Rašić. The children loved the Team immediately, and the time flew by as they played together. And the Lyoness employees loved the kids right back: "Any support counts for children who aren't as well off as we are. It's amazing how grateful the children were how much joy this new environment gave them".

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Lyoness Serbia Team for organising and implementing this project.