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Successful start to the new school year at Escuela Lyoness!

The beginning of February marked the start of the second school year in our new school in Honduras. Numerous children turned up for enrolment day at the school which is popular among many families, and which has space for over 100 children to attend.

The entire staff, which already consists of 11 people from teachers to the Head Master and to the school Psychologist, take care of the children who come from the El Perú catchment area, which is a very poor district on the outskirts of La Ceiba.

As part of the multi-day selection process, the children took a placement test to check their level of development. In addition, the school Psychologist also had one-to-one discussions with the parents.

It was a strenuous day for the whole Team. Despite this, it was touching to see how the project is progressing, how many families are interested in the school and the education and opportunities it offers the children, and what a huge demand there is for high quality education.

We are pleased that through the Escuela Lyoness we can offer a better future for the children, some of whom have had a bad start to life, and to be able to make it possible for them to take a step towards a better future.

We would like to thank our on-site Team and to wish our new students a very warm welcome!