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Start of the Centrum Dorka Project in Košice!

This year has also started off successfully with our Centrum Dorka collaboration in Košice. There has been a big response to the new offer of occupational therapy and there are a variety of additional opportunities that are also popular this year.

Once again our project partners were really motivated by the CFF’s decision to give further support to the Centrum Dorka. All of the groups from last year and new additions to the program will receive further back-up. The ‘Getting Ahead’ Groups are so popular that a second group has had to be created for youths and adolescents.

The children and their mothers took part in cooking courses in May, learning delicious new recipes. The mothers also had a computer course which taught them how to create an email address and manage their email account. They now have to learn how to use the internet.

Only children were allowed to take part in the first occupational therapy session, so that they could make Mother’s day presents. The mothers joined in on the second session, and it was great to see that they were all having such fun. The sewing course is also proving to be very popular again this year. The Centre is planning to buy another sewing machine so that more people can take part.