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Our ambassador Franz Müllner set a new world record!

On the 26.05.2013 our ambassador Franz Müllner set yet another world record! By using pure muscle power, he stopped three small aeroplanes from taking off.

On the 26th May at Mauterndorf airfield, the scene was set for Franz Müller’s Project titled ‟1740”. He worked on this project intensively for two years. Four aeroplanes were originally planned, but it was dropped to three. Each arm and leg was attached to a Cessna. Müller’s aim was to stop the small aeroplanes from taking off for a whole 30 – 60 seconds. Two of the planes were 200 horsepower and the third one was 250 horsepower. The first few attempts had to be stopped as the planes were not started in the right position. Müllner succeeded on his fifth attempt and managed to prevent all three planes from moving for a whole 60 seconds.

The ‟1740” Project was a prelude to the “Five Continents Challenge”. There are similar challenges planned on four other continents, starting with Kilimanjaro (in Africa) in autumn 2014. That’s all we’ve been able to find out, for now. We certainly have something to look forward to