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Angel for a Day – Romania VIII

"Castel Banffy" is an association located in Cluj that takes care of 21 of the poorest families in and around Cluj. The self-sacrificing work of this association is remarkable, but the funds are usually very limited. Hence the idea to organize an "Angel for a Day" activity for the children came up at the right time.

It started with breakfast at the restaurant "Fiesta", where the 20 children, caretakers and volunteers met and kicked off the activities of the day together. Afterwards they made their way to the salt mine "Salina Turda", one of the biggest tourist attractions of the region. The children took a tour through the tunnels and a guide provided them with all kinds of interesting information.
This was followed by a meal at the Pizzeria "Napoli Centrale”. Refreshed and strengthened they proceeded to the next activity of the day, a visit to "Cinema City”, where they watched a 3D movie. Afterwards the whole group was invited to dinner at the restaurant "Shanghai".

To bring the day to a close the children were surprised with presents such as groceries for their whole families as well as school starter kits. They were visibly delighted with their presents and beamed with joy. It was also great to see how close the whole group of children, caretakers and volunteers became by the end of the day.

We would like to thank all the volunteers, partners and educational sponsors who made this day possible.

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