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Angel for a Day – Romania

Lyoness employees, Premium Members and motivated Lyoness Loyalty Merchants organised an unforgettable day for the children's home "INGER ALB" in Romania, under the motto "Together we are strong".

It was impressive to see how such an exciting programme could be implemented for more than 17 children in need, with the great support from Lyoness Loyalty Merchants and lots of helpers.
The day began with a visit to the salon "La Mignonne" for a haircut for each child, free of charge. Then they went on to a necessary visit to the Loyalty Merchant "Quality Optics", where the children not only had eye tests, but they were also provided with glasses which were desperately needed. The same Loyalty Merchant donated a computer, so that the children could have fun learning in the future.
Afterwards the children went to the "Salt House - Salina Verde", where they could enter into a world of interesting salt figures and sculptures, and where they could have fun and adventure. The day was rounded off by having dinner together, which was also provided by a Loyalty Merchant.
It was a special day for all of those involved, whether it was a Loyalty Merchant, a Member or an employee, which reminded us again of how easy it is to help when everyone works together and brings a little something with them. From all the children and adolescents who were able to experience this special day, we say a huge thank you for your generous support, and we are looking forward to the next "Angel for a Day" in Romania.

Thank you to all our Loyalty Merchants:
>>La Mignonne
>>Quality Optics
>>Salina Verde