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A status report from Amina Zwindila Foundation School

The CFF supports the Amina Zwindila Foundation School with taking care of the running costs of the school. Within the last months some urgently needed goods for the school were bought, such as a computer and a printer for the administration, a generator, gym kits, books, notebooks, desks, chairs and carpets.

Because of a recent visit to the project location, some class rooms and the roof were renovated.

Water scarcity is always an issue in Jos, especially between October and April. Therefore, the CFF plans to support the construction of a well so that the school not only can provide its own water but will be able to sell it as well. 

The school kids were very happy about the donation of coloured pencils made by JOLLY. Writing equipment is very expensive in Nigeria so parents can hardly afford to buy any. In addition, the CFF plans to buy a playground for the school.

The CFF is proud to say that because of the support until now, the amount of pupils has doubled already.

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