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A new face

Luckily, Martina decided to take a step back from her career as an architect in order to help children in need. And we know just how to intercorporate her expertise into the work of the CFF!

My name: Martina Thaller

My function at the CFF: Project Management and Communications

If I weren't working for the CFF, I would be ... a famous architect! Before joining the CFF I was actually working as an architect.

My charitable commitments outside of my job include: I supported and accompanied my best friend through her battle with a grave illness and could always make her laugh, even if times were hard.
I have undertaken many activities with the children from my village.

My nickname growing up was ... Matzi or Marge.

My favourite subject in school was: Seeing as I attended a school for carpentry, my favourite subject was rather unusual: furniture design.

My absolute hero is ... my grandmother.

I can laugh about: I think it's important to walk through life with a great sense of humour. This brings a degree of lightness and ease to the world.

A great day for me is when ... the sun is shining and the people are happy.

My credo in life is: Fall down - get back up - right your crown - and move on!

The weirdest thing I have done to date: Taking part in a yodel class!

All I want for the world is: I wish that people could find more zest for life as well as serenity.