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"Angel for a Day" in Spain - 50 helping angels bring a smile to 50 children's faces in the "Hospital Universitari Doctor Peset"

Imagine for a moment that it is Christmas and you cannot spend this joyous time with your family, but instead must spend the day in a hospital. Such a scenario is especially difficult for children. Therefore, Lyoness Spain, the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation as well as numerous Lyoness Members, Marketers and Loyalty Merchants set themselves the goal of offering such children, who have to spend Christmas at the oncology ward of the "Hospital Universitari Doctor Peset", a small surprise and a huge distraction.

It was amazing to see our Community's instant commitment when they heard of this "Angel for a Day" event. Presents, sweets and snacks were collected for the children and a drawing workshop was organised. On the 23rd of December 2015 50 voluntary angels set out to spend this special day with the children and offer them a reprieve from their everyday life. Over 50 children were individually visited and gifted with a small present, but it was the drawing workshop as well as the snacks and drinks, which were provided by Dulcesol, that truly lifted their spirits and took their minds off of their daily troubles.

The children were completely thrilled with the day's event and the parents' and participants' feedback was extremely positive and at times very moving. One child's mother, for instance, took the time to thank each volunteer individually with the words “What you have done for the children, and with how much love and care you have executed the event is wonderful and incredibly precious". Although such praise was gladly received, the children's smiles were thanks enough and were further proof for just how important it is to occasionally step into the role of an angel.

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