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"Angel for a day" event in Ancenis, France: Day trip to "Natural Parc Saint-Laurent-des Autels" for families in need

The "Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Conferences" Organisation helps families who live on the breadline. In the French town of Ancenis, there are approximately 30 volunteers who share the workload of providing food, collecting clothes and doing flea markets in order to raise funds to help these families.

As a cooperation project, the "Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Conferences" Organisation teamed up with the French Lyoness Regional Office and the Child & Family Foundation to set up an eventful "Angel for a Day" project on the 21st of April 2017. These children can't go on holiday or day trips during the school holidays due to their family's financial situation, so the aim of this project was for them to enjoy a bit of time away from their normal daily life, to experience nature and contact with animals for a change.

They started the day by discovering the wilderness, and all that entails. The park is mostly home to semi-wild animals which you can discover and and watch. Some of them will even let you stroke and feed them. But there was much more than animals to discover; the 21st of April was also the last day of the Easter Holidays, so there were also Easter eggs to find too.

After lunch, the braver ones in the group were able to find out what it felt like to be amongst the treetops like a monkey: The "Arbofilets" Park is a 600m2 high-wire garden with huge trampolines and bridges made of netting, and it wasn't just the children who loved it; the Mothers also joined in and had a great time!

The chocolate eggs, which the children received at the end of the day, probably didn't last as long as the memories of this fantastic day will. The little explorers also received a Nature Park certificate.
What did the mothers and children enjoy the most? Being able to enjoy a day away from the stress of their daily lives, just laughing and having fun with other children.

We would like to thank everyone who made this day possible. A special thanks goes to: Lyoness France, Supiot Laurence, Parents of children, Catherine de Kergommeaux, Sarah Palau-Gatel, Malwina Polanska, Alexander Timmer, und Natural Parc