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Nina Passegger

"I am very proud to be acting as chairman to this foundation, as children are very dear to my heart. Only by promoting education can one provide sustainable support and create a positive impact. I believe that it is our obligation to ensure that no child must hunger and can receive a proper education. Children are our future."
— Bettina Rieger—
Vice Chairman

"Education.Opportunities.Future." is precisely what we wish to grant young children and families in need, with the help of the Child & Family's Foundation projects. With a simple donation or by taking over a sponsorship, everyone can help children affected by poverty to receive a better future. I am therefore extremely pleased to be a part of this foundation and such an important mission."
— Monika Murárová —


"Having previously worked at a children's home, I have had first-hand experience with children and families who have been struck badly by fate. Since I myself have become a mother, seeing families in need affects me even more. I believe it is very important to support children and families in need and to enable them a chance for a better future. The Child & Family Foundation has already achieved so much. It has granted numerous children access to school, a warm meal each day and has also created new outlooks on life. I am very proud to be a part of the team and to support this organisation.
Help us ease the lives of young people in need."

— Birgit Windisch —


"There is so much poverty around the world, it is almost impossible to comprehend. Children struck by such poverty often lack the opportunity to an education and a better future. I personally believe it is very important to help those in need and to grant them access to an education. The Child & Family Foundation provides these children with a fighting chance for a better life thanks to the implementation of numerous school projects."

Stefan Brandl

Project Manager


Martina Thaller
Project Manager

Alejandro Najera
Project Manager

— Han-I Leiner —
Project Manager