About us

Child & Family Foundation -
Association for supporting and promoting children, adolescents and families in need

The Child & Family Foundation (CFF)  is a charitable Association based in Graz, Austria.  Under the guiding principle "Education. Opportunities. Future." we support children, adolescents and families in need worldwide. 

» What we do «

The Child & Family Foundation Association supports measures in the field of education under the main theme "education for all“, by constructing schools in socially and economically deprived regions of the world. We stand up for the rights of children and families and want to create access to education as well as to support educational facilities. The aim is to help people to help themselves.

In addition, we also provide material and financial assistance to impoverished regions to improve living conditions and the way of life, as well as providing emergency assistance.

The CFF regards it as its duty to create a bridge between prevention activities and creating sustainability in the support of educational advancement.

» What we stand for «

The guideline, which defines and accompanies the Association’s entire activity, reads: “Education. Opportunities. Future.” The CFF is involved in creating better future perspectives for people across cultural and ethnic boundaries. We are convinced that we can overcome a lack of education by means of social solidarity. The basis for our work is built on the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child postulating basic access to education for everyone.

» What we set value on «

  • Creating perspectives and improving the quality of life by supporting education
  • Raising the chances in life for people in need by creating access to education
  • Securing that basic needs are met and supporting the shaping of a successful future
  • Promoting intercultural and international dialogues
  • Advancing solidarity and community spirit

Our goal is to overcome disadvantages and hardships by means of reliability, dedication and professionalism. We are convinced that sustainable help is best created by working together!