Angel for a Day - Poland

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A project cooperation between the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association and Lyoness Poland.

Project Description

The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association recently joined up with Lyoness Poland and many helpers and supporters to organise an "Angel for a Day" initiative for 50 children. The children are cared for and supported by the Social Welfare Centre in Sierakowice on an ongoing basis. The aim of the Centre is to improve the living situations of underprivileged individuals and families. For this reason the "Angel for a Day" was just the right thing to give the children a day away from their normal daily life. The idea was to organise a day full of sport and fun and make an enjoyable day possible for children and families that normally would not be able to afford it. Many of the children spend practically their entire Summer holidays at home. Due to financial constraints, excursions are rare.

The Sport Olympics began with a group breakfast in the Kashubian hut and the division of the children into five teams. Then there was a quiz where the children had their first opportunity to demonstrate their skills. After this it was up to the different groups to master an agility course. The highlight of the course was the "Zorbing", which entailed sending the child rolling across the field in a 3.2m diameter plastic globe.
Every rotation and movement produced a different effect, and the children even figured out how to make huge loops inside the globe! The participants arrived at the end of the course totally exhausted but laughing and happy. The activity that appeared to observers to be merely a brief amusement was an unforgettable experience for the "zorbonauts". But "Zorbing" wasn't the only fun part - another popular game was the "three-pants-race", in which the kids had to master an obstacle course - but this time with three kids in three pairs of overlarge pants which are sewn together! In addition to the agility course the children were very excited about the other events which included face painting, a painting station, and a group lunch.

The day was concluded with an awards ceremony in which the results from the events were announced and prizes and tasty treats were presented to the participants. It was an unforgettable experience for all those involved, for the supporters, and of course for the children. The children's laughter was the biggest thank-you to all those who made the day possible.

The following people deserve our special thanks:
- Kwiaciarnia Irys for the gifts for all the children (balls, bubble blowers, etc.)
- Chata Michał Szatkowski and a Lyoness Member for the juice and large chocolates
- BAT Sp. z o.o. for catering and the books that were handed out as souvenirs
- Halina und Krzysztof Kandora for funding transportation
- Lyoness Members for the board games (Team Bartosz Mielnik)
- Ms. Magdalena Bigus, Ms. Grażyna Sominka, Marek Gwizdała
- Our Educational Sponsors

Project Goals

The aim of this excursion was to organise a day of fun for 50 children from the poorest families in Sierakowice and to make a outing possible that they would otherwise not be able to afford. Furthermore special attention was given to organising a programme for the day that would strengthen group dynamics and allow the children to work together towards a goal - in this case, winning the agility course.

Project Title

Angel for a Day - Poland

Project Location

Sierakowice, Poland

Project Period

July 9th, 2014


50 children from underprivileged living situations under the care of the Sierakowice Social Welfare Centre

Project Partner

Lyoness Poland