The Child & Family Foundation is a charitable Association based in Graz, Austria. Under the guiding principle "Education. Opportunities. Future." we support children, adolescents and families in need worldwide, and across cultural and ethnic boundaries.

The Association is registered in the Central Association Register under ZVR-Nr.: 557379286 and belongs to „ § 4a Abs. 2 Z. 3 lit. a to c EStG (charitable, development and disaster relief-organisation)“.

The Child & Family Foundation´s work is financed through contributions in the form of donations as well as sponsorship from companies and private persons.

The Child and Family Foundation Association is a non-profit organisation, and aims to provide support for children, adolescents and families in need around the world who are in need of material or personal assistance.

In addition, the Association aims to fight against poverty and disaster in developing countries be supporting economic and, in particular, social development. This will facilitate long-term business and economic growth, which will result in positive structural and social improvements.

The Association's Board is made up of the following Members:

- Nina Passegger – Chairman
- Bettina Rieger – Vice Chairman
- Monika Murárová – Treasurer
- Birgit Windisch – Secretary

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We support and implement projects which comply with the Association's values: they involve support and promotion of children, adolescents and families in need around the world. We specialise in education and its many facets. You can find the Association's key issues and principles on this website at "About Us" and "Project submission".